Civilian Vehicles

We have delivered more than 2 500 armoured products to satisfied clients since 2004

Armoured Civilian Vehicles

Whether you are a business owner, executive, government official or a father or husband, it is your duty to protect your assets and people you value most. The safety and security of you, your family and personnel are simply non-negotiable, and to effectively manage the risks involved, a reliable partner is essential.

SVI delivers bullet-resistant vehicle armour that will give you the security and peace of mind you deserve. Think of vehicle armour in a similar vein as other safety systems such as ABS, airbags and crumple zones. It is background technology that is able to save lives when called upon.

SVI is ISO 9001: 2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Materials and Workmanship

SVI’s tailor‐made and vehicle-specific discreet armouring processes utilise only the finest raw materials from around the world. SVI has exclusive long-standing partnerships with American Glass Products (AGP), OE ballistic glass suppliers to most of the top vehicle brands globally, as well as the finest composite armour and steel suppliers around the globe.

Blended with unmatched workmanship and attention to detail, we offer our clients solutions that provide the greatest satisfaction. The vehicle retains its OE appearance with no visible clues to its defensive capabilities.

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