Max 3 By SVI

Meet our Efficient yet Powerful Armoured Personnel Carrier, based on toyota’s land cruiser 70 series chassis.

SVI MAX 3 Double Cab

Max 3 – Armoured Personnel Carrier

The MAX 3 was developed by SVI to give security forces the required equipment to deal with violent crime, terrorism, violent demonstrations and regional conflicts. The construction of the multi-role vehicle provides a minimum protection level of EN1063 BR6 (assault rifles) with additional protection against anti-personnel grenades. The MAX 3 is furthermore upgradeable to BR7.

The MAX 3 is based on a standard Land Cruiser 79 chassis with the following benefits:

  • Lower purchase price than custom-designed chassis
  • Proven reliability
  • Spares availability
  • No special driver’s licences required for most variants
  • Easy upgrades by replacing the donor vehicle


  • Commonly available driveline that can be easily maintained
  • Servicing can be carried out by local Toyota agents if required
  • MAX 3 hull replaces the standard Land Cruiser body and is manufactured from the highest quality ballistic materials to give optimal ballistic and blast protection.

The vehicle is available in various body configurations, including single cab, double cab and an 8-seater personnel carrier called the Troopy. We also offer the option of a third axle (creating the MAX 3 Six-Wheeler) to boost the Gross Vehicle Mass to 5 500 kg, opening the door to numerous military and security applications, including the fitment of various weapon systems, cargo-carrying options and even field ambulance concepts.

SVI MAX 3 Six-Wheeler

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Seats (Troopy)

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